When You Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Just Believe That You Will…

Article by: J. D. Rodriguez

At some point in our lives, we will meet challenges that may seem impossible from a logical perspective. Sometimes, these challenges will demand from us to step into unknown territory and do things that seem irrational. This may be a sign that God is testing your faith and showing you a new path to walk on. Undoubtedly, when you step out of your comfort zone to fulfill your higher purpose on Earth, God supports you in every way. This is proven true many times in Biblical stories and through the testimony of many believers to this day. 

What is Faith?

Faith is a matter of trust, obedience and hope. It is allowing God to use every resource available in the Universe in your favor, more often than not stepping out of the natural and logical realm and into the supernatural, beyond our limited understanding. 

Sometimes faith means being willing to sacrifice what we love and value the most, like Abraham did, willing to sacrifice his son Isaac (Genesis 22:1-18). 

Other times, it will mean doing illogical things and letting God do His work for you, like Moses, who God used to show wonders to both Pharaoh and the people of Israel during his time alive. Elijah asked God for fire from the heavens, and his prayer was answered(1 Kings 18:16-40).

Faith can also mean remaining calm in the face of danger and trouble, much like King David, who wrote Psalm 23 during a war campaign and with a bounty set on his head. 

Paul makes a solid argument about Faith, summarizing the greatest acts of faith in the Bible. (Hebrews 11:1 – 40).

What Isn’t faith?

Faith does not mean the absence of doubt or fear. Faith implies the struggle and overcoming of such feelings, much like it happened with Moses, who was afraid of speaking because he stuttered (Exodus 4:10 – 17).

God sends us tests of faith, but this doesn’t mean we can’t test him back, much like Gideon did twice upon receiving a divine call.

Faith doesn’t mean staying passive; many men of God had to step into action to prove their faith, like Jacob, who wrestled with God, swearing he wouldn’t let go of Him until he got a blessing from Him, and they fought until sunrise (Genesis 32: 22 – 32): or the Syro-Phoenician woman, who argued with Jesus Christ, firmly believing herself and her daughter worthy of a miracle (Matthew 15:21 – 28).

Also, faith never goes unnoticed by God. He always keeps His promises to those who put their faith in Him.