Starting from Zero

Start From Zero

Starting from Zero – is sometimes not very easy and can be intimidating at times – to say the least. Many times we look at our goals and wonder how to achieve them..

Let us say it is as easy as starting from zero. 

We can put some perspective – When you look at it a volume knob starts at zero, or a measuring cup. This also starts at zero – so it is nothing new to commence from this very spot.

Further to this – there is nothing to lose, but much to gain.

There is also the belief that in order to grow to a large set of business orders or clients – that you’ll need a huge bulk of money – but! This is NOT always true. If you consider starting from zero – then there is the need for a bit of risk tolerance. How much risk can you manage comfortably.

The level of tolerance is proportional to the amount of risk, therefore the higher the risk the higher should be your tolerance of that risk. In other words if you take a big risk – you should be prepared to manage a big win or big loss. This does not mean that those who have a lower risk tolerance can’t end up at the same goal as others with a high risk tolerance. All that means is that it’ll be just a while longer to reach the finish line.

While we are looking to grow our momentum from zero, in this path there are also certain zeros which we’ll have to keep. Consider this:

Zero – Tolerance for mediocrity
Zero – Minimal distraction
Zero – Excuses

Certainly there are other zeros that we can think of to include…maybe even share it with us…

As soon as the universe recognizes that we want to move to a greater level, the forces start to act in a way to help and make it possible. Doubt is a crazy thing and therefore if needs be, we’ll need to engage some support to help eliminate doubt. This is important as you can consider this like how you move a boulder. When a boulder first start to move it is a bit difficult, think about it. You push and you shove and you prod and you push, then it moves just a little bit.

Of course, once this move happens – the momentum starts to happen, and then the speed picks up…

During this process – there will also be some growing pains. This is normal, but just make sure to manage this, as well as to jot down the journey.

It makes no sense moving and not making a few notes. You will be able to see what you can share with someone else going from zero to greatness. This may even consume you being.

To the public – this may come as an overnight success, however, you and I know that the ground work and the background struggle is what we were riding on over time.

Remain humble and be grateful…because it is also very easy to fall back to zero.

Maybe you are looking to go from zero – there is no specific road nor formula prescription but to focus with laser sharp motivation and move. Keep moving… Remember once you start to move, the universe will contribute to what it is that you are trying to achieve.