The Tomb Is Empty

The Empty Tomb: The proof that Jesus overcame death

Article by: Ninfa del Carmen Galeano

The Bible relates the resurrection of Jesus in a very significant way so that everyone believes in the veracity of the facts. A biblical passage says “…the TOMB is empty…” because Jesus did indeed resurrect. The empty TOMB is the physical proof that Jesus resurrected, awoke and rose from there. He always knew that the disciples would need a physical proof of his resurrection, that is why Jesus rose from his tomb and then ascended to Heaven. Several women and men saw Jesus alive before he went to the Father.

A Real Resurrection

Jesus really rose from the dead, since his resurrection was not spiritual or “metaphorical”. This fact proves that Jesus conquered death. The disciples needed physical proof of his resurrection and the empty tomb represented that Jesus had come back to life. This fact is the result of a miraculous event and confirms that nothing is impossible for God. The resurrection of Jesus is the beginning of the Christian faith.

God transformed a painful event, the death of Jesus, into a miracle. In the same way God can make our lives worthy and happy if we follow his teachings. In fact, believing in God restores our faith in life, leaving behind any sadness or affliction.

A Transcendental Significance

The empty TOMB of Jesus has a transcendental significance for all mankind, since it certifies our eternity. The reality of the resurrection should generate a sweet hope in us. Physical death is temporary, for we awaken to eternity under God’s protection. Therefore, there is no need to fear death because it is transitory. Death is not the end of anything, but the beginning of eternal life.

Jesus ascended to Heaven and from there he is with us forever. Therefore it is not necessary the physical presence of Jesus here on Earth.

Communicating The Good News

Seeing the TOMB empty, the men and women realized that Jesus had risen and he himself asked them to communicate the good news to others. Thus began Christianity, with the goal that all mankind would know that God can work miracles in the life of each individual. God can transform for good the life of those who are suffering. Jesus gave his suffering to his Father and he resurrected him.

In the same way we can give to God our sorrows and our problems. He has infinite ways to solve the situations that afflict us. All we have to do is believe in Him.

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