Giving Up Is Not an Option

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Don’t let negative people pull you down.

If you fail – dust off and go again. Never to lose the opportunity to try again. Go at it again, but, from a different perspective or try something different altogether. You are going to start your own business, you want to be your own boss…then so be it.

Year one passes, it doesn’t even get off the ground. Year three comes, business has started and may be booming even. Year five however things start to dwindled till you have to shut shop. Don’t let that stop you, pick yourself up, shake yourself off , let your creative juices flow and start all over again. True you may have taken a beating, but who hasn’t?

Consider this: Because giving up is not an option.

  • “Who do you think you are?”
  • “You may ​have little to no money”
  • ” Are you wasting your time?”
  • “That can’t work” or so you are told…
  • “Why you don’t get a proper job” all of your friends ask…
  • “Life feels so hard and bills have to be paid…Your son has to go to school”

“There’s no food in the cupboard”…Every time you try to move, something discouraging is said to pull you down further, but you know what? Hold your head up high….

Do not let negative people pull you down, and when you start and that one fails a second time. Start all over again!!! Get a confidante and try again…”


Do you know why?

Giving up is not an option. Do not lower your standards but instead…..Let all others raise theirs. Brother’s, sisters, friends and foe surround yourself with positive people. Believe in your self, for you can do this. It is in you and if you fail….. So what? So did anyone who wanted to be successful.

You know why? –  Its because giving up is not an option.

Be passionate about everything that you do. Have faith in God, believe in Him, and all that you do. Just remember that “Faith without works is dead”. There are people that are going to come into your life to distract you, and that is exactly their job. Just remember to put your faith in God and in everything that you do . Let His will be done in your life, be obedient to Him. There are times that you will fall but don’t stay down there.

Do you know why?’

Its because giving up is not an option. – Not Your Option!!!

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