Remember To Keep Your Integrity

When we consider integrity, we can say that it is a value that is considered fundamental for human beings. Ideally it is doing the right thing according to the ethical and moral persuasion. This is a virtue that we as person have as they act according to what their conscience dictates. Generally, it is about doing good works, the right thing and being honest in our ways. In Christian religion, the sacred scriptures dictate that God loves and expects his children to be upright, with a good heart, and always do good for others.

This has to be done in addition to taking His teachings to those who do not know him and with transparency.

As we continue to talk about integrity, it goes beyond being just a value, as it also becomes a personal lifestyle. Other persons will have a better point of view of you because they know your integrity. It is about being an honest, trustworthy, and transparent person and also taking into account these fundamentals, we are sure that your life stands as a ministry of God.

Avoid The Temptation

Whether in your personal life or at work, there will always be a temptation to avoid some things and not do things right. In short, to take advantage of a tempting or precarious situation. However, when a person honors their integrity, he thinks about the consequences of his actions, what comes easy, will also easily go away. It is also about thinking in the long term, in preserving your reputation before others and especially before God. Another way to look at this is sowing and reaping, if you sow in integrity – you will reap in integrity.

Companies will recognize that a person has a good reputation when they come up for job review or recommendation, since they will be reliable and there is nothing better than having a responsible, upright worker who does his job well. An employee that is aware that having ethics and morals at work is very important, and that integrity is central.

Here we leave you a list of different personal traits or we can call them characteristics, which we consider that a person should have:

  • Persons of Integrity work to fulfill their promises and what they say – their word is their bond
  • They are honest practitioners and are generally always honest people.
  • They have a personal discipline