The Lord’s My Shepherd

The Shepherd’s psalm: How the word of God helps

Humanity has always lived through difficult times that have affected us negatively in one way or another. Currently humanity is living an incredibly complex reality due to a pandemic. This global problem is harming the health of people and the livelihood of every human being. Fortunately, the Christian faith is the most powerful support any individual can have. The Bible says: “The Lord is my SHEPHERD. I shall not want.”

It means that if we lean on God nothing bad will happen to us, even if the circumstances are dire. The key is to maintain infinite faith in God.

An analogy between God and a shepherd

God, like a good SHEPHERD, cares for each of us 24 hours a day, every day. Just think about how magnificent that is for us.

The Lord guides us on the best path, warns us of dangerous places, provides us with food and ensures that we are in good health. The SHEPHERD’s sheep, like us human beings, freely choose what to do. If they stray from the shepherd – God – they run great risks and can suffer any kind of attack. Evil attacks individuals who turn away from God. That is why we must always walk behind the Lord. He is the shepherd… and walk with confidence as well.

This is the perfect time

This Biblical psalm: “The Lord is my SHEPPERD. I shall not want” is perfect for the times we live in.

Due to the current pandemic and other scourges, some of us may tend to feel disoriented because of the complexity of this whole context. This is the perfect time to pray to God and seek him – more than ever. He is our only SHEPHERD, if we entrust ourselves to Him, everything will go well. It is advisable to pray this psalm in times of loneliness, in those times of despair, in times of hopelessness, scarcity, sickness and even in times there is danger of death. Pray this psalm with your family and friends. God loves to gather us together in his name.


God, as the good SHEPHERD, provides us with everything we need in life.

We only have to believe in Him and follow His teachings. Faith in the Lord will not only feed our spirit but our earthly needs will also be satisfied. Spiritual goodness is also reflected in earthly welfare. Believing in God is the right way to have a dignified life here on Earth. Just as the shepherd cares for his sheep, God protects us from the dangers of Evil. No matter how terrible the circumstances, God can do all things.

The more difficult the situation, the greater the protection of God.