Salvation… Searching


Life is beautiful; we have a family, but if we don’t, we have friends; we have a job, and if we don’t, someone might help by lending us some money or providing shelter.

Sometimes it’s difficult to see why we need The Lord in our lives because we are under His protective mantle almost all the time – even if we don’t deserve it. His grace, often makes us lose the memory of the most important things in our lives.

For sure, a reminder of being humans will eventually come around. A crisis can arise in various and very different ways: in the form of losing a Father, a Mother or a Child; in losing our job, house or spouse; in committing a crime, having a wrongful behavior or reduce our dignity to ashes.

When that time comes, the Only Answer to overcome any of those difficulties is God.

Only He will listen to us; He will take us in His grasp, and only He can save us from falling deeper in that abyss we are tramping. Salvation can only be achieved by following Him. The Lord is not a mythical being, most of the time he appears in front of us, in the shape of loving and caring people, because that’s what He is, love and warmth.

It can be easy to relate Salvation with abominable disaster and confuse obeying the Lord with praying 3 hours a day. Salvation not only occurs when we fall into a well and rescue teams takes us out;

Salvation occurs every day when we decide to avoid any behavior that can lead us – or the ones we love – to sin or destruction. When we don’t drink that fourth beer; when we reprehend our daughter for swearing; when we hug your husband every time he remembers his dead brother.

Every time we act with kindness and respect we are obeying The Lord because He led the hands of our parents to teach us good from wrong; He led the words of the Judge who explain to us why we broke the law; He led our daughter – through us – to help that friend in need.

Only The Lord can make things happen, and if we follow Him, we will understand why the gale came upon us, and how to get out of it.