5 Things To Say…

5 Things we should say to our children while they prepare for a class exam:

Once you start believing in something, you start embodying it.

If you want to be successful in life, then it is all about the proper system of believing who you truly are. Additionally to strengthening the belief system is also important. As a student, you need to believe that you are someone unique, someone special, and this also makes the game 50% easier to win. When you start believing that “I will be the topper in this exam“, you will be an entirely different person than the one who believes that “I hope to do well in this exam”. Remember if there is uncertainty in the belief, then there is also room for failure. Its not that we eliminate failure, BUT – to reduce the chances significantly.

Don’t ever give up!!!

If you have tried 100 times, and you still think that you will not be able to make it, then you will never do. You have to try 101st time,102nd, the 103rd and keep trying again and again. Anyone who ever did something great, were able to do it, because they didn’t give up. No matter how impossible the lesson or chapter seems, just stay on course and say “I can do that”. If you quit, you will never know that whether you had the potential to do it or not.

Remember your dreams.

Keep in mind why we are doing this…Sometimes it might seem that – it is not possible to achieve the dream, and then we just accept the current situation and move on to forget our dream. We may even say to ourselves that “this is the best it can get.” Remember your dreams. We all go through disappointments, setbacks and pain is also a part of life. The truth is, tough times don’t last forever, they pass by and eventually they help you develop into a better person, and one who can fight through. Never give up on your dreams, come out with a fire and be excited about the opportunities that are yet to come through.

Don’t waste time. Laser Sharp Focus

Write down your goals each and every day. Even if they are simple ones like passing the upcoming test with flying colors. Find time to improve yourself. Read. Explore. Research. Do things that are productive and would have a positive impact on your life. Also take sufficient time to take care of yourself – eat healthy food it’ll help the brain and body in the short and long run. Get proper rest…and that speaks for itself. Exercise!

What’s the excuse this time?

No more excuses. We are the ones in charge of our time and the decisions that we make. So don’t blame others for something that you have done. Be accountable and stand up. Best of luck!

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