The Earth Is The Lord’s – And It’s Fullness

The wealth of God is manifested on Earth

The Bible says: “The EARTh is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof”, that means that God is wealth, happiness and abundance in every way. He created an abundant EARTH for each one of us to manage and obtain what we need. Many Christians around the world suffer from material deprivation. That happens because they have not realized that the Father offers us well-being in abundance. That implies food, shelter, housing, good health, etc.

The key is to pray to God for material abundance to manifest in our lives. The Lord does not want us to have needs of any kind, we only need to approach Him through prayer.


Although it may seem incredible, many Christians are confused and believe that God can only be asked for spiritual matters. The reality is that the Lord wants us to be fulfilled in all aspects of life. Therefore He wants us to be well fed, to live in a decent home, to have all our needs met. The EARTH that God created is abundant in ideas, jobs, opportunities, among other things.

Daily prayer is the key to connecting with the abundance God gave to EARTH. Our material needs will be met so that our family is well.

Good administration

God created an EARTH of plenty for human beings to live fully. The Father wants us to be at peace with ourselves. That is why God’s abundance is enough for everyone. No Christian should pass material needs, for the Lord offers endless opportunities for them to be seized. Every Chrysitian must know the word of God, thus understanding the infinite goodness of the Father.

Reading the Bible, each Christian will realize that he has infinite abundance at his disposal. Each individual should only manage that abundance correctly, for his happiness and that of his family.

Take advantage of what we have

God gave us intelligence to manage what we have. The richness of the Earth meets our material needs and can also be multiplied through good ideas. The abundance of the EARTH reaches all human beings, no one is excluded from the wealth of God. Therefore, if one day we feel sad because we are going through various deficiencies, we must remember the Lord’s mercy.

The best ideas and the most fabulous opportunities are here on EARTH, around us. Faith in God immediately connects us to His abundance, let us pray daily to have everything we need.