When Your Cup Is Empty

Walking In The Spirit Towards A True Spirituality

Written by: Josee H.

Sometimes as we go through our daily lives we may at times feel empty.┬áThe cup speaks of our lives, our activities, our contemplation, and our convictions, even our internal being. It is God’s longing to pour the blessing of the Holy Spirit into us, His children.

He needs us loaded up with His Spirit, with His Love, and His Salvation, so that we can be led and ultimately guided in each part of our lives. However in order to be filled with His presences, we need to become empty of self, or simply empty of our own devices which act as distractions from receiving a blessing.

We have access to a persistent stream that will never run dry, and that will act to bless us in many aspects of our own lives. As a reminder – this path acts to remind us to be a willing vessel – ready to be filled.

Be that as it may, for our mugs to be filled as God wants, we should remain faithful. God fills us in order that we are blessed and that we can also do His will. This also means the sharing with others who may be less fortunate. Therefore we are filled so that we can share and that we can be filled yet again. It is a continuous process.

Our Father is gracious enough that he will put the right amount into our cups. However we are sometimes not receiving the full blessing of the Holy Spirit because our cups may be void, or unclean or have a lid on that prevents our receiving his gift.

God won’t fill our glasses past our capacity.

If our lives are loaded up with so much that is in opposition to Him and His Word, there isn’t much space for God to empty His Spirit into. Pride, or even being self-centered, insatiability, jealousy, loathing, and those extramarital perversion are only a few of the lids which can prevent us from accepting the complete filling of God’s Spirit.

One of God’s motivations for us is to love each other as He cherishes us. God satisfies this reason through the working of the Holy Spirit inside each of us. In any case, by what method can the Spirit work in full power through us? As long as our cups are available to be filled.

Many times Christians are attempting to love others with a half-way filled container, or a luke-warm attitude…

Let Us Pray…

Heavenly Father,
We thank you for your wanting to fill our cups with your blessings. Help us to identify those things in our lives which would prevent our reception of your gifts. We thank you Father, for the ability to share your gifts with others who also need to hear about you. Let me be a willing vessel to work in ministry that would draw others onto you.

Thank you for filling my cup, In Jesus’ Name…