Be Anxious For…

We’re all worried of something and are troubled by something that is beyond our control. It may vary on different factors such as the judgment of the world depending on your appearance or belief, or the amount of expectations that are on your shoulders that you cannot thoroughly fulfill. Your heart starts pounding, you are sweating, and your mind is running faster than a Ferrari.

You don’t know what to do and breathing suddenly becomes difficult. That is anxiety. However, anxiety is more than just feeling one or all of these things. 

Whether or not you’re diagnosed with anxiety or it’s just something you feel on a regular basis, anxiety is a serious condition. More often than not, anxiety disrupts your focus in your everyday life. As a Christian and as believers of God, anxiety is still something that comes to us in our everyday lives. We live in such a fast-paced society that we can be so obsessed with either the anticipation of what the future holds or the regret of the past mistakes we’ve done.

We are constantly moving towards the next thing that we forget to just pause and breathe, even if it’s for a fraction of a moment. This fast-paced lifestyle is disrupting our peace of mind, including the time that we should have been dedicating for both ourselves and for God. 

The Bible tells us to surrender everything to God, including our deepest worries and fears. Furthermore, according to the Book of Matthew, you shouldn’t be anxious on the outcome of tomorrow and what the future holds. The only significant thing you should worry about is the present. It can be the easiest thing for us to analyze what tomorrow’s going to bring, even if today hasn’t even ended yet.

We’re so consumed with contentment being in our next destination, that we forget to be contented with what the present brings. Yet, this is exactly what causes anxiety. In order to manage with anxiety in your life, it’s important to give back control to the One that created everything from the beginning. The reason why you’re so anxious is the tendency to forget who’s really in control. The more you try to control the outcome of your life, the more anxiety this will bring.

Complete surrender and an intimate relationship with God is the ultimate key to beating the battle of anxiety.

God’s grace and love is stronger than anxiety, and nothing can ever change that.