Why We Need to Be Still…

Sometimes: We Need To Be Still

Author: poleni1

Meditation – Ommmm….Ommmm….

The sound of the word can create images of seated monks singing words that you do not understand. Or maybe people in loose dresses who marry words of universal love.

Forget your preconceived ideas about what you think meditation may be and focus on the results of regular practice.

Take a moment to imagine a day that begins peacefully and clearly and well executed. Silence is a way to add to your spiritual bank account. Mental peace, clarity, and concentration are some of the results of regular meditation.
Meditation is the process of letting thoughts go in your mind so that you can release and recharge.

Meditation for me is the process of entering to reconnect. Allow me to let myself go. I have become clearer and more focused and this allows me to make better decisions.

When the meditation was suggested to me for the first time, it did not make sense. To be still? Are you kidding? What can I learn from silence? I was a talker. Who would you talk to? I enjoyed the stimulating conversations. I did not have it at all. My connection with my inner spirit was probably there, but it was temporarily disconnected due to lack of funds.

At the age of 30, I did not learn that the money required for my spiritual bank account was to be immobile. I was proactive in finding information from sources such as people, books, and courses. I was not interested in staying still. Calmness did not seem like a way to learn something.

In 1995, I began to meditate a few times a week. I did not want to participate in the practice. I was afraid of being immobile. I was afraid of what I might discover about myself. Tranquility Barbara scared me. I began to meditate very slowly and hesitantly. I still was not convinced that I would really benefit from the silence.

It took me several years to decide to create a daily spiritual practice that included a form of meditation. I used a guided tape every morning and learned to keep quiet.

When I decided to adopt meditation as a natural process of growth and development, I began to understand the power of silence. I saw myself grow like a freshly watered flower. Now I will not leave my house without my meditation time.

If I’m late, I’ll be 5 minutes later. Meditation recharges my internal batteries.

Every morning I sit on my couch, close my eyes, breathe and exhale, and I feel completely silent. In calm, I feel respect and appreciation for my life. I thank the creator for all the people and experiences I have lived and the ones I will create.

In the five or ten minutes of complete silence, I let my thoughts do what they want, sometimes they tell me what to do, sometimes not. I allow my meditation time to grow as he wishes. My daily meditation practice reminds me that I have much more to learn from myself and from life. I learned that I had to be clear in order to be able to choose well. After meditating on my spiritual bank account is full and I am ready to create the day I want.

Be still: yes, I have to do it.


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