Don’t Wait For Things To Be ‘Perfect’

Don’t wait for things to be ‘perfect’

Guest Article by – INDRA

Hiya, how’s your week so far? 

Whatever the tone, tempo or temperature, you’re making it through another day so that’s one reason to celebrate with a thankful breath.

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Okay, so let us address the elephant on the screen 🐘 💻 (that rather long blog post title: “don’t wait for things to be perfect for you to be proactive and happy.“) The question comes in quite a lot from many creative ladies wrestling with bouts of nerves when considering starting a business. The thing about nerves is that they’re not exclusive – most of us have experienced or still experience flashes of nerves from time to time.

‘Nerves’ have an ancestor called fear, and close relatives called ‘butterflies.’ So how is it that some overcome that fear factor and take a step forward when it comes to starting a business, while others perch precariously on the diving board doubting if they can make it? In some cases, the difference is the act of making that particular decision, following through on that commitment, the faith flow, and very often – the calling. Not everyone is meant to be an entrepreneur and that’s no big thing – no points lost.

Lemme (Let me) tell ya, sis – starting and maintaining a business is no ‘sweet bread’ or ‘walk in the park’ all day errry (every)day – it’s a muscle-building exercise that’s not for the faint of heart or for those who like a runs-like-clockwork system.

Yes, through automation, delegation and best practice applications, you can design your business to operate efficiently and prosper pretty consistently…still, it’s a learning curve and requires energy as fuel and structure to stay afloat and – keep that engine purring, wheels turning and business earning.

Look to James 1:17 for PERFECT.

Though I’ve been an entrepreneur for part of my life, working as an employee can be quite fun and fabulous when you enjoy what you do, get along and grow well with the boss, colleagues, and clients/customers, while earning a decent living through honest work. Nothin’ wrong with that at all.

Building a business as a small team can also be a joyful growing experience. I’m not the kind of entrepreneur who’s waving her hands hollering “everybody c’mon – you just gotta do this!” Nah boh. (No way)

If you can breathe past a sometimes-balding fridge in the early days…and willing to keep trying, resting and doing til your faith has stretch marks, tear drops and refined muscles…once you’re willing to get up and bounce back from bloopers, laughter and backseat-driver comments than sometimes can come from familiar faces… If you can work well alone and also in harmony with a team…if you can identify a niche to thrive in even amidst big competitive cooperations…once you’re open to the fact that business doesn’t stop if you’re not quite ‘feelin’ it today’ or when something you didn’t expect happens… If you’re alright knockin’ on new doors to pitch and audition projects and your skills whether or not you’re a “people person”…well sure – maybe.

Knowing what avenue or kind of business you’d like to start and what you’d love your days to look like helps, as well as knowing who your ideal customer is (while understanding that everyone may not align with this.)

  • DO believe and know that you are gifted whether or not you create a career with those gifts
  • DO remember to give thanks for the journey you’re on and growing towards
  • DO your best ’cause yes you are blessed

Listen, entrepreneurship may be touted as the next best thing since sushi 🍣(yum! spicy-salmon roll with wasabi an’ soy sauce) but it’s not always or often glamorous.

Try collecting a cheque from a way less than ideal client and you might find yourself in kickboxing camp contemplating a different approach.

Entrepreneurship often has sweat stains, stretch marks, eroded edges, dog-eared pages and benches for burn-out moments. Thankfully, there are countless moments of refreshment, tangible and emotional rewards beyond words, celebrations, beautiful opportunities and growth spurts along the way, a million reason to celebrate and meaningful memories with clients.

Purpose, focus, coaching, mentorship, planning/strategy and joy are some solid pals if you do decide this road is for you. And sis, as long as you are happy, growing, and your gifts and mind are being exercised and hopefully appreciated in your current position please know that you are just as fabulous as someone who owns and operates her own upscale boutique or runs a biggup (large) corporation.

Your life has value.

I find that sometimes entrepreneurs are hailed as some sort of superheroes, and yes – it does take some innovation and Akela-Jones-Carlie-Pipe stamina to build a business – as does it take dedication and loyalty to work at a job you’re already committed to. Know what works for you. We’re not in a competition; we’re all on a journey.

Clues to discover if you may be dissatisfied with your job (if employed.) Please take a moment to ponder the following prompts:

• Can I list 3 reasons to be thankful for the job I have now (in 10 seconds.) * if it takes more 15 seconds and up, that may be a key to revealing some dissatisfaction

 If I never pursued opening my own business, would it affect the quality of my life and level of joy I experience? Not all gifts need to become careers. Your gift (whether it be crotchet, designing 👗 , road tennis 🎾 , baking 🍰 , painting 🎨 , creative writing ✍️ , or playing steel pan 🥁 ) can be a beautiful hobby that lightens the ambience of your day and refreshes you and produces gifts you can share with your family, friends and work peeps.

 Am I feeling “F.O.M.O” (fear of missing out) when I observe the entrepreneurial strides of people I see online and in life? It’s pretty typical (in these social media days where the edited best of our lives in presented in a close-to-perfect filter), to consider that the lives of everyone else but us, looks like a cut-out from “I’ve Got It All” magazine, but most of us know we’re seldom prompted to post a pic when we’re bawlin’ our eyes out, snapping at someone, or on the potty – we tend to present and post the very best.

So, the question is – are you really “missing out” when you see x (person) or y (person) doing this or that? And what are you missing out on? What can you learn or how is the post inspiring? Very often we may be surprised at how many may think they’re missing out on what you have. This is an invitation to be thankful – and proactive.

  • Am I on social media while on the job? What are the triggers that compel me to log on and what are the things I’m scrolling through while online? Are those my interests, and is that a healthy thing? (Once you’re not the social media manager for the biz you work for, there’s a reason you may be mentally swaying online while in a dull moment or pressure zone at work – or maybe you’re checking out architecture or ceramic-making pics, listening to podcasts or watching tutorials on a topic that’s your passion…to pass the time while you’re at work.Rest on it for a bit without being hard on yourself – the answer will come to you.

Living takes guts. Perseverance builds endurance, purpose fuels action, faith weaves it all together, grace makes it happen and magnifies all efforts made.

If it’s pressing on your mind and blossoming as you pray about it and you can visualize yourself thriving joyfully through your own business, take it one breath – one step at a time. You can do this.

Don’t wait for things to be perfect in order for you to be proactive and happy…

You’re still here – keep shinin’ – starting right where you are…

This article was republished with the kind permission of INDRA. INDRA – believer, artist, songwriter, author, entrepreneur… fan of journaling, hot drinks, cooking, editing, hiking in slippers, and good conversations. “Joy with~In“ is a journey about growing grateful, enjoying serenity moments in creation, healthy living with essential oils, and celebrating women who shine through their gifts.