5 Ways to Strengthen Your Faith

5 Ways to Strengthen Your Faith

Saying you believe in God is easy – actually doing it is really hard and it requires a lot of spiritual effort, introspection and dedication. Faith is a state of mind achieved through internal work and constantly striving to rise above our primary nature, so do not worry if you sometimes stumble on your path.

Faith is about reciprocating the unconditional love God gives you: it is an unconditional belief in the higher spheres in response to the unconditional love you receive.

Here are 5 ways to strengthen your faith:

1. Trust. Release control
There are no clear instructions as to how to trust someone, especially when it comes to God. You don’t know how you do it – you just feel it deep inside. Trust is about releasing control, about letting the other take their place inside you.

Allow God to enter your life and work through you and this is how your faith will come. It’s all about realizing that you are a speck of sand in the bigger picture and it all comes down to God’s will – this could be scary, but it is relieving once you feel the unconditional love. Trust and release.

2. Pray.
Prayer is the way you communicate your thoughts to the universe, to God. It’s not about the precise words of the prayer, it is about the vibration they come with and that you send to the Universe. Pray in love and in kindness, talk to the Universe and send your energy. Choose your prayers wisely, though, and pray not only when in need.

Pray for what you find beautiful, what you hope for or simply send your love to God and to other people.

3. Read the Bible.
The scriptures are the worldly gate to the higher being, the way that spiritual knowledge was passed down to us. Try to read the Bible when you feel relaxed and well and think deeply about their meaning. Each passage is charged with meaning and spirituality.

Once you are alone with the words full of meaning and you internalize them, you will feel whole. Faith comes.

4. Be Randomly Kind.
This is how you practice your faith. It’s our duty as humans to give something back to the community, to the world we live in and which allows us to be in it.

What better way of practising God’s love than being randomly kind, always kind and with a positive aura?
Smile to people in the street, give, welcome, pay everything you receive forward – faith will be the underlying foundation of everything you do.

5. Let Your Light Shine.
Show your faith. Receive all spiritual information inside you and then let it shine through! Faith will be your inner sun – if you let it work within you, then you will shine through and extend your warmth and rays to your surroundings.

Spread the joy of believing, spread the word of God, show that you are a believer – this is what faith is about.

In the end, do not worry if you find yourself losing faith sometimes. It’s all part of the process – it’s important to start it all over again and keep moving ahead with your faith.