Some days…

Maybe this article is for those persons who feel really down and not ready to face the world today. Well, guess what – we all have those days as well… Even for those go-lucky persons like myself – we have those days. Those day when you feel like staying just a bit longer under the covers, and those days when you wish everything would go by, and leave us alone.

This is normal sometimes…to have those days, and do you know what? – I had one of those days – today!!!

Normally as a morning person – you want to jump out of bed, and get going so that you don’t miss anything. After all – the early bird catches the worm… uh huh… However today it felt like a harder start than usual.

So how did we make it today?

Well after having stayed just a few minutes longer in bed, I had to have a pep talk with myself. In fact it felt more like a battle…with all of the reasons why I should stay in bed or why I should force myself out. Then all of your reminders start to come in, one by one…after avoiding the email and phone and alarms – it started to become obvious that my staying in bed impacted not just myself but others who depend on me. This right here is a critical determining factor… lets re-iterate. When you stay in bed and hide out from the world you are not only impacting yourself BUT…you impact your circle of influence as wide or as narrow as it may be. Therefore – STOP BEING SELFISH…

  • Stop Being Selfish

Great – after being reminding myself that I have an impact on others – then the motivation to get going started. It is important to know that it started slowing and then as the day progressed the contribution of what each individual makes is enhanced.

Furthermore – it was today that I had to take my son to the hospital to get his hemophilia medication. While in the hospital space today – it meant that I got to see other who are doing worse than me as well as those who are also doing better than me. Initially it was a hum-drum as to sit there as medication was administered. However as the interaction with the nursing and medical staff continued, my mood started to improve even more. Imagine just having a conversation can be therapeutic.

  • Having a conversation – Therapeutic!

Now after this 3 hour stint in the hospital environment and a continuous change in mood as I watched more persons go about dealing with their own matters, I decided to do two more things…as the day progressed.

  • Have a cup of coffee

Maybe if you don’t like coffee – you can have a cup of tea or a shake Just a little bit of “something” to fall-back on. Sometimes we need that little bit of thing to help us through. For others it can be just having a smell of our favorite perfume or soap or maybe just 5 minutes to listen to your favorite artist. GO AHEAD AND DO IT… IT will help!

  • Having read sometime somewhere that we should read… ūüôā

With the amount of persons and writings out there that we should be positive bombarding us – do you know what? It helps sometimes…However it should be someone that you can almost connect with. Not the snake-oil salespersons out there. Beware of them – If fact your inside soul will almost convict you which ones to avoid. Listen to your inner mind.

This is one way to break out of the awful mood which we have sometimes…Just get a listen to some uplifting work out there..In fact it can be how to improve your area of expertise as well. The summary of this bit is that you should be learning something new or refreshing on what you may have learnt before. Heck you may actually pick up something that you may have missed previously.

There are of course several ways to move from zero to great – and you can easily use this as one way to be great.

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