Learning To Manage Your Uncertainty

Uncertainty: You Can Beat It

During the course of life we must make important decisions. The problem is that many times we are not prepared to face those decisions since we do not know which is the best direction to follow. The UNCERTAINTY is total: we have several options to choose from, but we don’t make any decisions because the options available are too complicated.

In the face of UNCERTAINTY, the best option is to act by overcoming fear. As you act, the anguish generated by the unknown is considerably reduced. You must take refuge in the faith that you feel for yourself, knowing that you will overcome the obstacles that arise.

Focus on what you can do now

Faced with a complex situation you must focus on what you can control now. Look carefully at your circumstances and you will see that there are aspects that you can address right now. These can be simple actions that help your problem to be solved. This prevents you from becoming paralyzed in the face of a challenge. You will gain confidence in yourself and the UNCERTAINTY will disappear.

Be well disposed to surprises

The best strategy to deal with UNCERTAINTY is to be prepared for surprises from the beginning. If you are well disposed to surprises you can face any situation without feeling overwhelmed. Keep in mind that anything could happen. The important thing is that you are willing to assimilate new learning. The obstacles will not scare you, but they will increase your creativity to solve them.

Develop your curiosity

In the face of UNCERTAINTY, curiosity will be your great ally. If you do not know which is the best decision to follow, investigate everything that is necessary until you find the best answer to your problem. First you must observe your situation, then ask what you need to know, read, get the information you need, get advice from experts. You will see that very soon you will find the solution you need and will be able to make the right decision.

Assume the risks

Whenever there is UNCERTAINTY, there are risks to be taken. That is why you must minimize the risks that exist and accept those that cannot be avoided. Once you learn to control the risks you are presented with, you will be able to successfully solve any challenge. Always rely on your intuition.

Throughout this process you must maintain confidence in yourself, knowing that within you dwells infinite wisdom.