Encourage A Child

For parents, the responsibility of taking care of children does not only rely on the financial aspects, but also on the emotional and psychological well being of the child. Children see parents as protectors and role models as well. This is why it is very important for parents to encourage their children and show them affection every chance they get. As children complete different milestones, they want to impress parents more than anything else. The way you speak to your child and what you tell him/her can either boost their self-esteem or destroy it.

The following are some of the things we should tell our children when they are preparing for exams.

I. I believe in you

Naturally, when someone believes in you, you start believing in yourself. This applies to our children as well. This sentence will erase any doubt the child was harboring and make them a whole lot more confident.

II. I’m proud of you

This simple sentence carries so much weight. Letting our children know that we are proud of what they have achieved so far will make them want to work harder. No child wants to disappoint a parent after hearing this statement.

III. I love you

Let the child know that you love him/her regardless of how he/she will perform. It removes the fear of failure together with the pressure to impress you, which will lead to better performance.

IV. You are ready

Sometimes our children may feel that they are not well prepared no matter how well they have studied. Reminding them of their hard work and assuring them that they are ready will remove the anxiety they could be feeling.

V. You’ll do great

This statement will help the child relax. He/she is feeling tension right now. Hearing this from you will calm them down and give confidence. They will feel like they have a certain power over the exam.