3 Tips As A Parent During Covid

Parenting: 3 Tips to cope with the uncertainty generated by Covid

We are living in very challenging times due to the uncertainty and dilemmas generated by the Covid around the world.

PARENTING is seriously affected because parents do not know what to do in this scenario that has no certain answers. The virus has imposed confinements in all the countries of the globe and precisely there is the problem. First-time parents are faced with the double challenge of being good parents and surviving a quarantine of confinement. Here are 3 tips for PARENTING with peace and wisdom.

1-Prioritize balance above all

PARENTING involves the constant presence of parents. Confinement forced everyone to stay home. New parents question whether being fed up with confinement can harm their role as educators. Quarantine negatively affects mood and this could have an impact on child care. The solution is to maintain a healthy balance in the couple. This is achieved by managing time well and distributing the tasks involved in raising children.

While the mother takes care of the baby, the father can dedicate himself exclusively to work from home. Then they exchange roles, so that everyone can carry out the tasks that correspond to them.

2-Seek support

PARENTING involves extreme care. The appearance of the Covid generated panic in many parents as they wondered how they were going to take good care of their babies during a quarantine of confinement. Fortunately technology, internet and communications allow you to stay connected to your family and friends. You can get medical advice through video calls. You can go to the hospital if you have an emergency. If the situation overwhelms you, you can find support groups on social networks.

Talking to people who are going through the same thing as you will be a healing relief.

3-Focus on the present time

PARENTING involves plans for a bright future. The arrival of the Covid on the planet ruined those ideas that people had for their lives. Surely the new moms had chosen a nanny, a day care center, to develop a work project, etc. The projects were suspended and that generates anguish. Parents wonder how to raise their children in such a context.

The solution is to focus on the present time. Look at your baby’s smile, fortunately he/she doesn’t know anything about what is happening. Forget about the future for a few months and take advantage of the joy and purity in which your baby lives.

Covid is not eternal and life will continue with some changes.