The Benefit of Charity

The Benefit of Charity

Giving some of our own self and our resources to charity whether to an individual or group has more benefits than meets the eye. Even though it may be viewed at face value, as a way of helping others solve their own problems, it has more benefits to the person giving to a greater extent.

In other words, giving for charity tend to have more rewards than for example buying a new shoe. We are sure that you can also think of some of those benefits.

One of the most significant advantages of giving charity is to feel good about yourself. This is not in the vein of stroking any ego or to satisfy our conscience. The sound children thanking you, or the gratitude of a person in want having a need just met, or someone who wouldn’t have made it without your help, and so on.

It helps you think that you did something beneficial with your resources after all. Never mind that we all may have our own needs as well. There are of course other benefits of giving in charity.

•Improving self-esteem and self-worth
Charity is the one sure way of giving back to the society. Just keep in mind that the world owes you nothing…but, we can always contribute to something in the world. When you give charity, you help someone develop maybe in their living standards.

You can send the money to your loved one or an orphanage. This will help you once you can see that for example a child became a successful person all because of your contribution. You never know – they may eventually help your sibling or family or relative.

Be mindful that what goes around, comes around.

•Experience more pleasure.
A dollar to an orphan can be more rewarding than a new shoe for you. Researchers have tested participants who donated $100, which they were given. Results showed that pleasure increased in parts of the brain as they did their respective donations.

Although the experiment was scientific, it helped show that donating money made someone feel better. We can also extend this beyond the giving of money – to other things like giving of our time and talents. Maybe teach someone to read, or give someone a meal.

•Longer life expectancy
Charity reduces stress. Isn’t that great? One way to reduce our current stress levels and the production of cortisone in our bodies is to get off of our butt and get to our sense of giving genuinely. Charity gives a feeling of relaxation and pleasure to the mind.

Therefore, you can overcome a lot of physical ailments, such as headaches, heartaches, insomnia, and anxiety, which are known to cause high blood pressure and other issues.

You have just increased your life expectancy, just by being charitable.

•Promote the same spirit in your children
As awkward as this may sound, you are the example to all of your children. This also relates to including students for those who are also teachers. When your kids see you donate, they will tend to shun the behavior of criticizing those who do it.

They tend to look up to you, and be certain that they will surely try it one day. However, if you stand against it, your children may never try it since you their role model did not do it. Every teacher knows that every action that they take in and outside the school compound directly influences a child in a particular way.

In conclusion, donations to any beneficiary can help you gain some of these benefits, and these may be just some of the more obvious ones… However, in giving we still have to exercise discernment as we would suggest that you do not give out your money to any person who might squander it.You may feel guilty.

You can refer to some sites and locations to find the right place to donate, along with doing the relevant research and asking friends and family.

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