The Ocean Reminds Me

I can hear the waves crashing on the cliff, rising up in all of it’s glory.

Loud… Rough… Even angry some may say, but to me...It’s Majestic… Powerful… Mighty… Calming

Every time it strikes against the rock, it washed away the pain, washed away the hurt and turmoil leaving a sense of wholeness. It washes away the bitterness to bring a sense of sweet release. I can feel the negativity oozing out of my body as the water falls back to the ocean.

Sweet peace, sweet wholeness, sweet release

What a feeling…

That water reminds me of something. It reminds me of the Blood of Jesus that was shed on the cross of Calvary. Jesus died so that we might live. Forget about your past or at least try to put it behind you. Lay your burdens at His feet. Start to live how God would want us to live right now. When He died on the cross. His blood was shed for us. One song writer said, ” freely shedding life blood, that the sinner might be made free.”

We were all conceived in iniquity and born in sin (Psalms 51:5 KJV) but after the crucifixion we were redeemed. Jesus loves us so much that​ He died for us. The book of John, Chapter 15 verse 13 (KJV) says “Greater love has no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends“. God could have destroyed the whole Earth and start over. Almighty God has the power to do it but He didn’t, instead He sent His Son who became a living sacrifice, a sacrificial Lamb. ” He was oppressed, and he was afflicted yet he opened not his mouth, he is brought as a lamb to the slaughter, and, as a sheep before his shearers is dumb, so he opened not his mouth”. (Isaiah 53:7 KJV)

There was so much love and sacrifice, Jesus didn’t have to do it but it was His Father’s will. He even said “Father, if thou be willing, remove this cup from me: nevertheless​ not my will, but thine be done”. (Luke 22:42).  In dying on the cross, it appeared as if Jesus was abandoned by His Father – as Jesus alone bore the sin of the world. In our music one song writer says “God turned His head away, He couldn’t bear the sight.”

When the soldier  “pierced” Jesus’ side, forthwith came out blood and water flowing. That blood flowed freely for every one. Even when we fail in our projects, when we fail in our faith, or fail in keeping our promises the blood is still there. When we think of it, the thought of His love and the “washing away by the ocean” brings healing. It brings forgiveness and a renewing of the mind, and it cleanses us from all sin.

We must have our robes spotless, white as the lily, because of what was done for us through Jesus’ Blood. As the waves crash against that rock, the Blood of Jesus crashes against the sin in our lives. As it drops back to the ocean our sins are forever lost in the cleansing Blood of the Lamb.

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