Prayers For My Baby

Unborn Baby Prayers – Faith Through Pregnancy & Beyond

Written by: acohan

Pregnancy is such a staggering blessing, and John and I are thankful to the point that God has enabled us to bring another life into the world! I have cherished following Baby Hodges’ development and gradual advancement in the course of the most recent nine months.

Yet the majority of the registration and data can now and again overpower! and also overwhelm you… Set me up too Lord for parenthood, and give me astuteness and elegance as I prepare for the day when another little life will be naturally introduced to the world.
We are much obliged to You for giving me the benefit of being the parent of this little child, in Jesus’ name…

Initial Prayer

Oh God – we genuinely are frightfully and brilliantly made and to understand that You have booked each day of our valuable child’s life as of now is an awesome idea. I supplicate Lord that You would ensure this little one as he or she is being set up to be naturally introduced to the world. Place Your hand of gift upon them and I implore that they will grow up to know and adore You Lord Jesus.

Child’s Heart

Father God, I thank You for my child’s pulse, and despite the fact that I can’t hear it yet, I realize You can. Favor my child’s heart and cause it to become solid, similarly as it ought to be. Shield my child’s heart from any imperfections or issues.

Shaped by the Lord in the Womb

This is the thing that the Lord says—your Redeemer, who shaped you in the belly: I am the Lord, the Maker of all things, who extends the sky, who spreads out the earth without anyone else.

Superbly Complex

He makes the entire body fit together impeccably. As each part does its own uncommon work, it enables alternate parts to develop, with the goal that the entire body is solid and developing and loaded with adoration.

Father, thank You for ensuring me and my child and for our great well-being. We are forever grateful to You for hearing and noting my supplications. So be it.