A Prayer for Stay-At-Home Dads

For Our Stay-At-Home Dads

In many of our cultures it still raises an eyebrow that Fathers can be a stay-at-home father. Of course we may not know the various circumstances that cause these guys to be in this position, however it is important that we support them and continue to reinforce their importance in the family structure.

A stay-at-home dad, can continue to create a strong family culture, as well as set an example of what a good example and role model can be to his children. Stay-at-home dads, can still continue to contribute to the financial position of the home as the use of technology allows this, yet remaining present to bond with his family.

Today we offer a prayer for those Stay-At-Home Dads out there…

Let us pray…

Dear Lord,

You are our father, and we bring before you our fathers who are stay-at-home dads.
Sometimes Lord, it is a struggle to handle so many of the challenges which face dads,
but, may Your Grace and Love strengthen them even when they are at their lowest ebb.
Father when society frown on these men, let your smile of hope engage dads to raise
their children and support their spouses in a positive way.

O Father, you are the perfect example for men and let your light so shine through
the stay-at-home dad. May our dads stand up for what is right and defend against
poor morals and temptations which may present a challenge.

Heavenly God, send your blessings on our stay-at-home dad, that you may bless his financial position. Increase his financial position in a positive way, that your name may NOT be brought to shame. Let these dads, contribute financially to school fees and to help provide food, clothing and support to his family and his spouse.

Bless him financially, over and over.

Thank you Lord, for giving these stay-at-home dads the strong faith in you, as a leader.

May these stay-at-home dads remain vigilant to the wolves in sheep clothing that may approach to attack him or his family. Grant him strength in worshiping and ministering your word to his family and wider community. Bless his health that he continues to also nurture both physical and spiritual needs…

Father in the name of Jesus, bless the stay-at-home dad who is offering this prayer to you now and those who do not know of your love Jesus, place your arm of Love around this dad. Give them wisdom and understanding as they run their daily lives…

We thank you for those stay-at-home dads…


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