Every Student Needs a Little Prayer

Praying as a Student

As a student, life circumstances can be harder than it might seem from the outside; this is because of students being mostly late teens and young adults and as such, they are learning the skills they need later on and life; this is a critical moment in our lives to hang on to God.

Praying as a student can be a wonderful time to self-reflect and become aware of what’s happening currently in your life, where you want to go, where can you go and the decisions and influences that are taking you either towards or from the path God has set for your life. It is also a great way to manage your emotions and start or end your day in good standing, no matter what you’re going through.

What should I pray for as a student?

The short answer is, everything! Allow the Lord in His infinite love to carry you under His loving wing and remember that your studies are not the only thing that comprises your life. Speak to God about your life as a whole and see your current student status as a circumstance.

If you are doing well, praise Him for setting the path ahead of you! If you are going through a tough time with your studies for whatever reason and you feel like you’re sinking, don’t be afraid to admit the situation you’re in and ask for help from above; much like Peter in one of the shortest prayers ever, gasping for help while he was sinking in a lake (Matthew 14:22-33). Maybe you are unsure of what career path to take; think of your strengths, how you can put them to use and ask for guidance.

Remember that He is in everything we are and we do. Take for yourself the promise written in Isaiah 58:11.

Below, you can find a short prayer for inspiration.

Dear Lord,
I am thankful for the blessings you’ve given me, the people and opportunities you have set in my path. I can see Your hand guiding everything in my life and for that, I recognize how great You are. Today I am struggling but Lord, I know you are with me in this time of trial. Give me the focus I need to carry on with my diligent studying. Give me the peace only You can give me to face the tests and challenges that are ahead of me. Give me the strength to stay on track and not fall for pointless distractions in this time of need. Give me the wisdom to understand myself and my talents better. Please show me how can I put my talents into best use and align myself to the purpose You have in store for my life. I want to be fruitful and be of help for others, to glorify Your name.