Be Specific

How having strong faith and being resolute in God can help you.

Contributing Author: Carlos

I am certain that God hears and gets our prayers, however, I am just persuaded that He understands that we are sometimes not bold enough, or we do not have sufficient belief and confidence to take the time to actually and sincerely reach out to Him.

Normally, deep inside of us, we appreciate that He is existing and that He helps us in our moments of need.

When we do not seem to have control over our health, life, money, family and career, we are really anxious and get to our knees in real prayer – that go way beyond the plaster. Think about this for one moment – how can we please God? when we are many times not even specific for what we want.

In our prayers, we need to be specific for what we ask and NOT just when something messy happens to us.

This world as we know it – is in tumult, and people in all forms of life require our prayers. However, not prayers of a hurry, habit and purely out of duty. We and the world require prayers of sincere faith. Sometimes, we need something personally as well but too often we may be too general. The truth of the matter is that we should be straight to the point or specific in our prayer requests.

How many of us really like when someone else takes forever to make a point?

Faith does wonders. But how does it work?

Just like the father of faith Abraham and his wife Sarah, who had faith in God and consequently got their prayers answered, we should be quite strong in our faith. In fact, we should stop doubting God and posing some questions such as – Why should I rely on him? Will it work? and so on.

Speak to Him…and because of our developing a relationship –  we can tell him firmly that we will keep speaking to Him until He unveils His will to us. This way, He will. He will begin by revealing to us our sins, making us consider the need to repent. Utilize this chance to do this, and get into a covenant with Him to obey His commandments.

This can continue for a while.

We will start to feel how we can become honest in our heart, again because of the relationship. After being purposeful before Him, then He will furnish us with His will – remember He promises never to leave no forsake us. That is a quite a specific promise as well regarding our own well being. Therefore we can reciprocate, by being specific to Him.

Actually, that is the secret of strong faith and being specific in our prayers!