What Voice Do You Listen Too?

Jesus’ Voice: The Only Truth

God’s word guides us to behave as good Christians. The Bible says: “My sheep know my VOICE”. In this parable the good shepherd is Jesus and the sheep are us. Good Christians only recognize the VOICE of Jesus, because he will guide them on the right path and lead them to the salvation of the soul. Those who consider themselves to be righteous Christians will never follow the VOICE of a stranger, because they know that this would be a huge mistake. The VOICE of Jesus contains the grace of God. It is the only voice that must be listened. We cannot save ourselves, but only through God.

A call for reflection

God’s word is always timely and invites us to reflect on our behavior.

The biblical phrase: “My sheep know my VOICE” makes us think about which voice we are listening to. Throughout history, different beliefs and religions have tried to confuse us and keep us away from God. Many false leaders will say that they represent salvation, but that is a big lie. We must maintain a strong conviction throughout our life. We must only listen to the VOICE of Jesus because it contains the word of God.

Too many voices

During the course of life we will not only hear the voices of false religious leaders who will confuse us. Many times there are other “voices” that confuse us and can potentially lead us away from God. It can be the “VOICE” of alcohol, drugs, political fanaticism, partying, workaholism, etc. Any of these “voices” can take control of our lives and also ruin us.

That is why we must be attentive to our habits, because we could drift away from God without realizing it. We should only listen to the VOICE of Jesus, because we will be protected from all evil.

Peaceful living

Jesus is the good shepherd and his VOICE is the only one that transmits the grace of God. The shepherd cares for his sheep day and night and even goes so far as to having given his life for them. That means that we should only listen to the voice of the shepherd – Jesus – because he holds the key to each of our salvation. The other voices are useless, because they are of human origin, and human beings make mistakes. Jesus has divine origin and only he can bring us closer to God.

Our duty is to differentiate all the voices we hear and listen only to the VOICE of Jesus.