Hope – After A Dreaded Divorce

You can be happy after a divorce… Here Is A Start

Worldwide, it is estimated that half of all marriages end in DIVORCE. The separation of a couple is a hard blow to any individual. However, everyone who has been divorced should know that it is possible to be happy again after that final breakup. This is also true for those who remarry, as well as those who never remarry again. The key to happiness after a DIVORCE is the fact of starting over in life.

That means learning from mistakes and taking the opportunity to do things right.


DIVORCE is a duel, that is to say, a loss. This process goes through different stages: denial, anger, depression and the final acceptance of the separation. For a DIVORCE to be healthy, these stages must be respected, so that we can then be reborn to a new life. The first thing to do after a love breakup is to focus on oneself and face one’s own projects.

This attitude will give us the strength to move forward, being aware of our own value. The project that we face must excite us a lot, in this way we reconnect with our essence. We must know that our essence, some call it “Higher Self”, is always happy. We connect with that part of us when we do something we love.


Getting over a DIVORCE Is difficult and takes time, but you always manage to get through it. If you think you are having a hard time getting over this separation you should seek inspiration to feel better. If you had children they will be your greatest inspiration. You must feel good for the sake of your children and for them to learn from you how to overcome adversity.

If you did not have children your greatest inspiration should be yourself. You deserve to be happy again and you really will be. Besides, there is always the possibility that you will have children, both biological and adopted. Although, of course, that decision is up to you.

Final thoughts

Now that you are divorced you must maintain a positive outlook on life. Having a good mental attitude predisposes you to wonderful things happening in your life. There is one thing you should know that will give you hope. Numerous relationship experts say that an individual can find at least five people compatible with him, to form a happy couple, during the course of his life. Rest assured that you will soon meet your ideal partner.

This is a start in a new direction to you, and your self actualisation journey… Please remember that there is hope…