Arise and Shine

Arise and Shine – Thy Light Has Come

Article by: Carolyn

In the times that we are living, it seems that everything bad that could happen, is happening. The world is experiencing the Coronavirus which in America alone has killed 250000 people. People are not working because of the virus and are having trouble paying rent/mortgage and putting food on their table. Children are not able to attend school and their social skills are becoming less.

Some of our homes are in chaos and no one seems to know where to turn. There are many faith based people who are questioning what is really going on? It seems like everyone is out for themselves and we have stopped loving, caring and respecting each other. We are all in the midst of a storm, with seemingly no real way out.

During these times, remember the scripture from Isaiah 60:1 which says “Arise, shine: for thy light is come, and the glory of the Lord is risen upon thee.” The scripture also speaks about darkness covering the earth and that people will walk in darkness. It seems like this scripture is meant for the times we are going through now. In today’s times, darkness looms over the earth and the people of the earth could not be more confused and living in darkness.

The good news is that even during these dark times, the glory of the Lord will shine upon you. As a person of faith you are different. God will use you and the light inside of you to inspire and impress upon others that everything will be alright in the end.

I was often told that silence is not an option, when you have been gifted to teach others. And that is our calling as people of faith.

To teach about the goodness and glory of the Lord that is here if we allow it into our lives.

No, it does not mean that we will not experience pain, hardship, struggle, anxiety. But it does mean that we as people of faith can be comforted in knowing that the Lord is our strength and that we will have the victory in him. We will get our strength from him. And others will see the light in us because of him. The light that he is will shine in us as we minister the love of God. What a beautiful thing to know that his glory is inside of us.

It is a beautiful thing to know that we already have the victory as people of faith who know that he is the difference in our lives.