You are…

Being single sometimes feel as if it is the dole of some of us. However what we must remember if you look at it holistically, being single gives us the opportunity to work on ourselves for our own benefit first.

Recently we were having an easy chat with some single friends, some were divorced, some with partners, and the others didn’t meet up with a partner as yet. One common thought which came to the fore was that there seems to be so much external societal pressure to “find” someone, that the individual must be strong enough not to buckle under this. In fact the benefit here of the divorcees speaking about some of their experiences and sharing is that it was ideal as a guide to the singles in the space.

One of the primary thoughts emerging was that as a single, persons must remember that they are already a complete individual. Having a partner therefore should be to compliment each other rather than to compete or “lead” the other individual.

There are some experiences which are best expressed and enjoyed as a single individual. This make us appreciate that when we meet someone in the future and we reflect on some of the experiences it may have contributed to our character and its development which we can draw on when we become a couple. Therefore enjoy the experience now!

Sometimes we need to build meaningful relationships. Being single can provide that platform for us, as we have the freedom to make friendships with others and communicate without any formal hindrance.

Similarly – we may be single now – in order to assist someone in the future on their own challenge of being single. Just sharing how we navigate this period and learnt from our various experience today, may prevent someone else from making a poor decision sometime in the future.

Beware that being single and being lonely are two completely different paths, and can be mutually exclusive.