The Power of The Cross

The Cross: the symbolism everyone should understand

THE CROSS is an element of the Christian faith that holds within itself a valuable symbolism that everyone should know and understand. THE CROSS has symbolized Christianity since the 4th century A.D., a decision made by the Roman Emperor Constantine I, during the Council of Nicaea.

The reason for this decision has a mystical origin: one sunny day he looked up at the sky and saw a cross shining. Around that cross was a Latin phrase that said “With this sign you will conquer”. Constantine was extremely impressed.

At night he dreamed that Jesus Christ spoke to him and told him that if he used that sign, THE CROSS, he would be invincible against his enemies.

Understanding a sacred symbol

When you look at the Christian cross you basically see two lines: one vertical and the other horizontal.

The vertical indicates the connection with God and the horizontal, the human condition of Jesus Christ. This religious element alludes to the Holy Trinity: God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, which form a single unity of faith.

THE CROSS is a powerful symbol whose importance comes from Jesus Christ, because through this element is evoked his death and resurrection. If you want to feel strong in the face of adversity, look at this element from the love you feel for God and you will overcome any obstacle that comes your way.

Overcoming sin and death

THE CROSS contains profound meanings that can inspire you to strengthen your connection with God and thus, to live a harmonious life in grace with Him.

Jesus Christ died to save mankind from sin and at the same time defeated death. If you have faith in Jesus Christ you too can be a successful individual in your life. You may have committed sins and mistakes, but God loves you as always. Acknowledge your sins, God will forgive you and He will guide you to have a happy life.

No matter how much you have made mistakes, God will always lead you to love and abundance.

THE CROSS symbolizes the death of Jesus Christ, among other meanings. When Jesus died, a new era in the spirituality of humanity began. He died and rose again, conquering death. That means that God defeated Satan and the evil he represents.

When you feel weak inside, meditate on the power of THE CROSS and you will see that you too will overcome your darkness, because God is at your side.