Let Us Pray

A pray submitted by: R. du Boiz

Father we humbly come to you,
Grateful for the blessings of life and to say,
Thank you for the very breath which we breathe.

I want to thank you for your promises to us, your children.
Lord you promise not to leave us nor forsake us,
And it it this reassurance that we as Christians place our belief,
Thus giving us the ability to do your work.

Lord, it is now more than ever that we ask for strength,
Strength to march against the enemy.
The enemy that want to hinder the church’s progress,
Your church’s progress.

Help us to reach those sould who need to,
Hear a message of Hope,
Hear a message of Faith,
Hear your message of Love and Peace

Even in times of pestilence that moves in the dark,
Or the plague and sickness that moves in the day,
Or the terror on about on any side, Lord – We your people will not fear, but,
We will stand firm under the refuge of your hand.

You God, are our shield and
You Father are our covering,
You Lord is the refuge that we seek
We seek you now.

Father we crave your presence among us – that we remain focus on you
We thank you for reminding us that we are part of the family of God
We are family and it feels good to have your expression,
Whether through a brother or sister.

Those who are ailing or are in sorrow, depressed or anxious
We as family remind them through your words
That you will never leave us,
Father, You will never forsake us

Those who are in need, we as God’s family are reminded,
To place our needs before you even now for your to take care of them
You are our supplier – You are our Source to plug-in
Lord we plug in now to you our Source

As we do so – Lord forgive us our short coming
Forgive us our sins
Thank you Lord for forgiving us

Our children, Lord, Need good examples – and through your word
Help us to raise children that are excited for you
Children that become respected and respectful leaders in our society
Children that continue your work and the spreading of your Gospel

Lord, Have mercy on us, and thank you for your Blessings
Thank you for the dawn of a new day
There is hope, and we are grateful
You have done it before and you will do it again
You always come through – Father – Fix it – Jesus – Fit it
Thank you Jesus as you calm our storms

We are grateful Lord in Jesus’ Name


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