David & Goliath

Some of us know this story very well, where David a little fellow without any armor, put a few stones in a sling, swung it around a few times. Then with precise aim and at the right time flung that smooth stone at the big giant Goliath. As it goes, this stone stuck the giant in his forehead and knocked him out. Great!!! We all may read it to our children or share with youngsters the feel-good of winning a battle fought a few (thousand) years ago.

But… Wait right there one minute…

What about today? 

Today, this is more than just a thriller which ends with a warm feeling… Many of us, if we looked at ourselves closely, can see the David, facing a Goliath. Our Own Goliath. Maybe it is the overwhelming challenge of getting into better Health, or the giant of dealing with our Unsatisfying Job and a Tormenting Boss. That Goliath may even be debt or the challenge of growing a business. We may hear it ringing in our ears of the reasons why these things are such major giants. Maybe our friends and family who should be supporting us have lost confidence, or maybe they can only see the challenge and the odds stacked against us.

Well – so did all of the people a few thousand years ago…You may not see a way – But! Behind the scenes God is putting things in Our Favor…amidst the odds. Furthermore, if you look closely at what happened…David whispered what can be considered a prayer and said…”This day the Lord will deliver you into my hands, and I’ll strike you down…” Of course we can make use of the same mantra, and state the name of the Goliath which we face. Of course it makes sense to use this with as much faith and confidence which we can muster in order to get going.

There is nothing wrong with us getting afraid at times, and wondering what we should do! However, it is important to know and remember to team up with your artillery of faith. It is those nuggets of faith that we use to fling into the forehead of the giant which we are facing. However, we must be wary of the soothsayers who are around us, the circle of influence who can only see the situation and not how to conquer that same situation. be mindful that they will want to become your biggest supporters when the battle is won.

Of note is that the battle is not won singly but as a good testimony that it is not the size of your problem but the size of your God, and your faith in God. You are ordained great, and therefore everything else pales in comparison. We need to become the David of today against the Goliath which we may be facing.

This is your nugget!

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