The Lilly And Its Flower

Lilly flower: A beautiful lesson for your life

Nature provides us with valuable teachings to apply in our daily lives. Such is the case of the LILLY FLOWER. It grows in horrible swamps, but blooms successfully becoming a beautiful flower. This fact of nature sends us a powerful message: you can get ahead even in the worst circumstances.

People tend to believe that those who grew up in a wealthy family have a blissful destiny, because context favors them in everything. On the other hand, those who grew up in a hostile environment are likely to have a difficult life and not achieve the most important goals.


LILLY FLOWER shows us that anything is possible. This flower blooms in all its splendor although its environment is terrible. The same can happen to each of us: to reach our maximum potential even if circumstances are hostile. The tool of our happiness is faith in God. If you feel discouraged you should know that God can solve all your problems if you allow Him into your life. Maybe you’re seeing your problems from a human perspective, so you can’t find solutions.

There is nothing impossible for God. Have faith in Him, you don’t need anything else.

Leaving the human perspective behind

LILLY FLOWER simply allows things to happen and finally the best happens: it blooms beautifully. This flower ignores the context where it is developing and yet everything goes well. The LILLY FLOWER manages to be what it always wanted to be. The same can happen to you if you simply keep your faith in God over time. Ignore your human thought and let God intervene in your destiny.

Every time you attach too much importance to adverse circumstances, you ignore God’s greatness. You probably don’t find solutions, but God’s ways are infinite. He can transform your life for the better, but you must allow it. Remember that God respects the free will of each individual.

Finally Brethren

The same can happen to you as LILLY FLOWER: to thrive wonderfully even if the context is negative. The human mind is fantastic, but it has limitations. Instead God is infinite and unlimited, he will always put at your device the best solution to your problems. God offers you a harmonious life that is in sync with your own happiness and the well-being of those around you.

Approach God and you will have success, love, and good health. Ignore human circumstances and give your problems to God.