Can Your Subconscious Mind Take Direction

How To Program Your Subconscious Mind

Many people would like to initiate long-term changes in their lives but do not know how to. Thus, they make decisions that translate into sporadic changes that do not last. Would you like to make such changes permanent? The answer lies in programming your subconscious mind.

Before we go further, just what is the difference between your conscious mind and your subconscious mind?

The conscious mind is responsible for your awareness of daily activities – it operates on short-term programming. The subconscious mind is very different – this part of you acts to fulfill quasi-permanent programming for long term purposes.

The content of the subconscious mind are not easy to change. You need to issue a specific command if you want to initiate changes in your subconscious. Without such a specific command, it would be easy to make changes in your subconscious – so easy, in fact, that your subconscious would be swamped with a deluge of new programs to follow, leading to confusion.

How then is it possible to change the content of your subconscious mind?

Well, it is possible if you have an emotional commitment to make such changes. You must be infused with emotion, enthusiasm and energy as you initiate the changes. If you make changes simply because someone else demands it, it is highly unlikely that the changes will be carried out to fulfillment.

Children find it less ardous to change the content of their subconscious since the programming in our subconscious becomes more imprinted as we grow older.

The synaptic pathways we continuously rely on stay connected. On the other hand, those we do not rely on as much break apart. Thus, making changes becomes harder as we grow older.

Another reason why children find it easier to change their subconscious mind is that children possess more enthusiastic emotions. Adults generally have less of such enthusiasm which is needed to unlock our subconscious so new programming can be set in place.

Furthermore, it is more likely that the subconscious mind will be tapped when you can feed it with information from your senses of sight, hearing, and feeling, rather than rely on general, abstract verbally expressed goals.

This is why advertisements on television try to impart stimuli which can be felt by the viewer: so that an emotional link can be created between the viewer’s subconscious and the stimuli on the screen. It is a subtle form of programming.

So the next time you watch and listen to a commercial on the tube, you should be aware that your subconscious is also being programmed to want that particular product.