We Are All Blessed With Spiritual Gifts

Each one of us was born with different traits and abilities. God blessed us with spiritual gifts to spread the word of God. To follow God’s way of life. Some may feel insecure and envy others with particular gifts. But what they don’t realize is that they have their own special gift.

Oftentimes people don’t see their worth. They may feel like they lack in other aspects of life.

However, God generously divided each spiritual gift among us. Each of us was chosen and gifted to play a part in one another’s lives. Your strengths may be other people’s weaknesses and vice versa.

What matters is that you use your spiritual gift to serve God, other people, and yourself. It is what we do with our gifts that matters. Despite the difference, we are all creatures of God. We are members of _one body_. We were all chosen for a reason. We were all made for a purpose. If you think you lack in other aspects, there’s no stopping you from working towards strengthening your weaknesses.

There is no limit to what you can achieve if you continue to believe and work towards being the best version of yourself.

There are several spiritual gifts given to us. This includes:

1. Faith

2. Healing

3. Knowledge

4. Wisdom

5. Leadership

6. Prophecy

7. Serving

8. Teaching

9. Giving

10. Exhortation

Each of these gifts is special in its own way. There are no best or worst gifts.

They need each other to spread the word of God. Others may discover their gifts at an early stage in life, while others later in life. That doesn’t make you any more or less special. There are times when we may not be aware of the actions we make or the abilities we possess.

You may not see your gifts, but other people do.

Although having those gifts would be useless if not put into good use. Find a place where you could share your gift and serve your purpose. No matter how small or big the contribution may be, as long as you did your part, then you will be blessed by the blessings you share.

There are several opportunities wherein you could put your gifts to use. You can take it one step at a time until you fully are aware of how to use your gifts. It can be surprising how much your gift could positively impact a person’s life.

If you are blessed to have these spiritual gifts, go out and use them to help other people.