How About Trying a Little Human-ness

Human-ness first: One source of happiness

Everyday life pushes us to prioritize, prioritize, prioritize… and even being pushed at us alot right now are financial matters because we have bills to pay. Granted that accessing a better quality of life depending on what you consider important may cost more money. This can in effect cause us to get distracted from our core values and believes and journey, such that we direct majority of our energy into income generation.

Everything we do is to feel good and the ultimate goal is happiness. The path to wellness is through the generation of money, which is not bad at all. The thing is that we forget that to be happy we must think about HUMAN-NESS FIRST. We must think about others and also about ourselves. Money is not the only tool that gives us well-being and happiness.

There are other aspects of life that can also make us feel full.

Expanding our perspective

As we can see, there is a widespread belief that income generation is the only path to happiness. What we should know is that prioritizing HUMANESS FIRST is also a source of deep happiness.

Prioritizing the bond with others improves the quality of life significantly. The sense of humanity can be manifested in various ways: accompanying an elderly person, making acts of charity, praying for others, visiting the sick, consoling those who feel sad, etc. Doing good to others also does good to ourselves.

Unexpected benefits

Incredible as it may seem, thinking of HUMANESS FIRST can also help us to be more prosperous.

For example, if we want to start a business on our own we should first ask ourselves: How can this enterprise help others? In fact, many successful companies in the world do good for others. Employees work in excellent conditions, offer good quality products at a fair price, organize solidarity events, pay taxes properly, etc. They earn money in a legitimate way and at the same time work for the general welfare.

Unfortunately, few brands and companies think of others. However, we can be successful and at the same time work for the welfare of others.

Opening our minds

We live in a highly consumerist society that requires us to work overtime in order to have a good standard of living. The ultimate goal is to be happy, feel good every day and have a healthy family. We must not get caught up in the idea that only money leads to happiness. Thinking about HUMAN-NESS FIRST, generates an immediate well-being with our environment. We feel inner peace and have faith in the future. If we prioritize human ties first, the universe will reward us in various ways, mainly through love, health and money.

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