Your Circle Becomes You

The importance of building a solid bond in our closest circle

The challenges of daily life are best met if we are in good company. Having strong emotional ties with our family and friends will give us the inner strength to overcome adverse circumstances. We must build a close CIRCLE of people we can trust to talk about our personal problems. When we experience difficult situations we need to listen to other points of view so that we do not close ourselves off from our own ideas.

Many times we need others to tell us if we are wrong so that we can review our own behavior. That is why it is important that our most important relationships are based on respect.

A virtuous circle

Just as we need our immediate CIRCLE to listen and pay attention to us, we must also provide emotional support to them. We all benefit from this loving exchange, as we become aware that together we can better overcome any obstacle. We will benefit even more if we share the faith, which is the conviction that everything will be fine even if we cannot yet experience it in the physical reality. Faith is the certainty that our prayers are heard and that God will put the solution we need in our lives.

We have a duty to share the faith we feel with others, so that they too will feel better.

Being present

The affective bond with our closest circle is built day by day. We must get closer to our friends and family to know how they are, how they feel and if we can help them in any way. If they feel hopeless, we must encourage them to change their perspective and know that there is always a solution. In this way, we will prevent our loved ones from suffering depression or anxiety. These mental disorders are often generated by a lack of emotional support from the environment.

We can generate good emotional health in our CIRCLE by offering our empathy and friendship.


Strengthening the emotional bond that binds us to our closest CIRCLE of friends and family is good for us. Helping others is how we feel fulfilled as human beings. This virtuous CIRCLE of love and understanding is further strengthened if we share our faith in a better future. We must support our loved ones when they feel weakened in the face of adverse circumstances.

We must let them know that God is here to help them, they must only believe.