Heroes In The Face of Adversity

Our frontline workers, heroes in the face of adversity

The entire world is suffering an unprecedented pandemic due to Covid-19. The coronavirus has killed thousands of humans and sickened several million. Various vaccines are trying to stop this scourge, but the disease continues to ravage the globe. Our front line workers are fighting hard against this universal scourge.

Doctors, nurses, firemen, policemen, military, among others, continue to work as usual in a grim context. We have the most powerful resource that exists to help them: Prayer. Every morning and every night we must pray for them to be well. God hears us all and will protect us through his grace.

Divine Communication

The prayer that we dedicate to our frontline workers must be intense and sincere. That prayer should ask that they be protected, that they have the strength to face adversity and that they have the wisdom to solve problems. Prayer is a personal act that each one of us must do with absolute faith. Anyway, here is a humble suggestion to make a beautiful prayer to God.

That prayer could say: “God bless our front line workers forever. God protect them from all Evil. God give them wisdom in difficult moments. Thank you Lord for listening to us”.

Obviously each one of us can adapt this prayer according to our own heart. 

Our thoughts

Some of us may be accustomed to praying twice a day: in the morning when we wake up and at night before going to sleep. However, God listens to us all the time, so it is important to keep our front line workers in our thoughts all day long. We should send them good wishes and pray to God that they are well.

Currently the outlook for this pandemic remains hostile, but we know that God will eventually eliminate this problem from the face of the earth.


Covid-19 represents a global disaster that only God will solve. Our front line workers are God’s allies.

They create vaccines, go out to face adversity every day and fight for humanity to withstand this scourge. We can help bring this to an end as soon as possible. Our tools are faith and prayer for God to hear us. This tragedy revealed to us that our front line workers are even more valuable than we thought.

The Lord knows this and will protect them at all times. We must be extremely responsible and continue to take care of each other so that we can once again live in harmony.

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