Use Your Voice For Positive

Your Voice is Also Energy – Use It To Make It Positive

Your Voice is so much more than how you speak. It is used to articulate your beliefs and what you truly care about. It describes what issues you are passionate about and what solutions you bring to the table of life. There is so much going on right now. The Coronavirus has now killed over 220,000 and infected more than 8.6 million globally.

Added to this – There are issues around the world regarding injustices to people based on their race, culture and the way they move about in their daily lives. Some countries are also in the middle of the worse healthcare scare in recent history.

Understand that your voice is energy into the universe that matters because it brings transparency to who you are, on varying levels. Your voice is unique and with the right team it can also give permission to those around you, who you may inspire to lend their voice as well. This is particularly for those who may need a hand up or a may need someone who can be considered a leader whether de facto or elected.

It must be considered, that your voice is just as important as the next. Having a form of expression may not only be seen vocally but to those who may be impaired or have some form of impediment – they also have as voice as well. We must be mindful that like a choir – some persons sing high, and some sing low, but collectively we make a harmony.

Be mindful that timing is critical as well as being wise enough to “speak” when necessary. There are of course scientifically proven experiments that show when a glass of water was spoken or words were uttered positively that as the water froze the crystalline form was symmetrical. However, when the same experiment with water as it froze, and words of horror and negativity were spoken – the crystalline form was now disordered.

Be Mindful

This experiment – has been done on varying occasions to prove this, and we must remember to be careful how we express our thoughts and emotions. Particularly in heated moments and at times of chaotic situations, we still have the power within us to change it.

Your voice is energy, and some persons use this positively to speak against the injustices of the world.

Your voice is used to show others that when we speak out together as one team, there is nothing we cannot accomplish. When you use your voice in the right way, peacefully but showing concern over issues that need to be addressed, you are bringing light to darkness, intolerance to complacency and hope for a better world.

Of course each of us, may not be bold enough to want to stand on a stage and echo our sentiments, but there is also power in numbers.One of the best ways to begin using your voice in a positive way is to even join an organization that represents issues that you are concerned about, or have a strong passion to persue.

There are:

  • Hospitals that need volunteers
  • Shelters who need assistance
  • Going on a mission with a church to help others who may be hurting

Remember that your voice is energy and to use it to make it positive. When you begin to become active even in your community, you will soon see the world in a different way and begin thinking of how you as an individual can make it better. Take into account your experiences, both as a child and adult. Additionally follow through on what skills you carry, that can help your chosen organization, and, what passion you bring to the table about a particular issue. All of these things will help you to begin using your voice in a more positive way.

A major part of our being in this world is being a servant to others. As you use your voice’s energy in a positive way, the world will begin to open up for you as well and your life will have more clarity as to what you want to pursue as a career goal.