For The New Student

Generally, to have a very good academic record mainly as a new student, a proper study skill has to be learned and also mastered. Not everyone has the same style of learning nor the same style of studying. Essentially what matters is that whatever be your style, it must be optimized and this is only possible if one follow proper study skills especially as a new student. If as a student we are not doing well in a particular field, then you must realize that what is needed is to buckle up and work on improving that particular skills/field. As much as it may be familiar or widely touted the following are also a few guidelines to help a new student study effectively.

Learning to improve study habits 

Think about improving your study habits as if learning a new subject. imagine going to it with some enthusiasm more dedication and also clarity in your mind. Set an objective! One method of improving the study habits is essentially to form a study group mainly with other students. Students of stronger command and weaker command of the topic. This provides you with the ability to learn in a dynamic way as well as to teach what you may have learnt to someone else who needs a hand. There is a better understanding of the subject as one can share the views on the topic.

*Group dynamics are not necessarily effective for everyone – but it surely helps your social skills as you enter college* If not interested in groups you should mainly decide a specific place where one feel can concentrate the most without getting exerted.

Fix some hours of regular studies 
It’s not necessary that the time should be the same every day, but yes, the hours should be the same and sufficient. Proper time management will help you to balance your other works as well. Regular studies will help you to cover your syllabus on the time so that you are in no hurry before examinations and have enough time for revision work. Remember, that before examinations you need a relaxed mind which is only possible if you are done with your syllabus on time. This key element takes discipline.

Note making 
write everything down, it’ll help you when you have that moment of mental fatigue. It is important to have a habit of making notes and also conducting weekly tests so that one can judge the progress. Making the notes will mainly give one a proper understanding of the new topic and if one constantly revise, one don’t need special attention mainly during examinations. This also helps you pace yourself as well as to teach effective time management. .

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