Be Mindful Of The Scarcity Mentality

Tips To Overcome The Scarcity Mentality

The SCARCITY mentality is a limiting belief that we are always missing something. This mentality holds that we are not good enough, which applies to any area of life. For example: we never have enough money, we still don’t have the ideal body, we don’t have enough academic training, we lack work experience, etc. The SCARCITY mentality also underestimates what we already have, denying it the value it deserves.

The problem can be summed up in the fact that we have no faith. Fortunately the mindset of escacity can be overcome, replacing it with the mindset of abundance.

Turning the negative into positive

If you have a SCARCITY mentality you should know that you basically have a problem of faith, because you do not trust that God and the universe can provide you with everything you need. To synchronize with the energy of abundance you must start by thanking you for what you already have. That attitude attracts more blessings to your life.

Then you must control the thoughts that inhabit your mind. Identify those that are negative and replace them immediately with a positive idea. For example: “I’m always unlucky,” replace it with “I’m always a lucky person”.

The joy of giving

Another important aspect of developing abundance is learning to give with joy. Giving is a pleasant act, in every respect. Get used to giving something every day: congratulate someone on their accomplishments, a word of encouragement for someone who is suffering, helping those who need you, etc. When you start giving you discover how pleasant it is and you will understand that abundance is infinite.

Everything good you do in life returns to you multiplied by blessings. In this way you will be eliminating the SCARCITY mentality of your life, understanding that this is a problem generated by your limiting ego.


The main problem for people suffering from a SCARCITY mentality is that they believe there is never enough, in any respect. You must know that the universe is infinite and God wants you to be always happy. So when you want something you have to trust that you will receive it. The universe has everything and has abundance, so you must understand that scarcity exists only in your mind. God has infinite ways of realizing your desire, so you should only trust.

Appreciate what you have and everything around you, you will see that soon in your mind there will only be ideas of abundance.