Learning From The Honey Bee

The Honey Bee Mindset: A Tool For Success

We all go through difficult situations that leave us in the uncertainty of not knowing what to do. Although it may seem difficult to assimilate, even in the worst circumstances it is best to remain optimistic. The power to transform an adverse context is in our thoughts. Every time we have to face a negative context we have to apply THE HONEY BEE mindset.

This proposes to do the same thing that the insect does, that is to say visit all the flowers and have the expectation of finding nectar in each of them, no matter how those flowers look. Applied to daily life would be: Hope to emerge victorious from any situation, however hostile it may seem.

The power to focus correctly

THE HONEY BEE MINDSET – Teaches us something very valuable: the most important thing is our goal, no matter how negative the context is. The great goal of the bee is to find nectar in the flowers, even if some of them are not in perfect condition. We must keep the hope that we will find what we are looking for even in the most unexpected places.

We must allow life to surprise us, because sometimes it has something great for us. To receive it we must maintain a positive predisposition, because only in this way do the blissful facts happen.

Finding the bright side to everything

Maintaining a positive attitude in any circumstance elevates our personal vibration, making lucky events multiply day by day. If we find the positive side to everything that happens to us, we will get closer to achieving our goal. We must not let ourselves be overcome by obstacles, because victory lies right behind them.

It is also important to pay attention only to our inner voice, because it will guide us to happiness. That is why we should ignore the negative comments that tell us that something is impossible or too difficult to achieve. We must keep our goals to the end.


THE HONEY BEE – mindset will always keep us on the path to success. If we look for the positive aspect in any context, we will surely find it. Success is built on good ideas that are applied in faith. Even if success isn’t seen now, we’re certain that everything will be fine.

After all, that is the true meaning of faith. Our healthy conviction that we can find the positive aspect in all circumstances will give us the ultimate victory.

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